As an integrating logistics company with 104 years of experience, G-global’s team of experts love helping our customers cut costs, reduce time-frames and resources to optimize the final customer’s experience. Today we want to share our cross-docking blueprint done in our facilities as a result-oriented plan of action for a constant flow of goods in your supply chain.

Why do we love Cross-docking?

Well, did you know that it’s one of the strategies that can be framed within the Efficient Consumer Response philosophy… Cross-docking is known for improving productivity within the supply chain. It is also a fast and profitable distribution model. Scale the impact of cost reduction in storage, distribution, inventory, and personnel. Reducing stocks facilitates the task of handling and relocating the merchandise, achieving fewer errors. Discover how it facilitates the fulfillment of fixed deadlines, which is a great advantage for the client. Cross-docking is a different approach to logistics since storage time is less than 24 hours.

All are operations of our facilities are made through STEPS, and cross-docking is not the exception. STEPS stands for:

  • Security and OpEX
  • Technology and Innovation
  • Agile Team of Experts
  • Price and Value
  • Fanatical Service

The security of your goods is guaranteed through controlled access, CCTV 24/7, and KPI transparency for visible performance. Our warehouses are certified CTPAT and we strive to surpass the baseline requirements.  We value accountability and which is why we are driven by innovation to integrate all your operations into one digital platform, a suite of apps. Having one point of contact and working with your own team of logistic experts is revolutionary to achieve each of your goals.

Join us to meet the full meaning of G-cross dock, this is how we do it with efficiency.

  1. First, we receive your request at our facility through our system (add app)
  2. Next, Goods arrive at our warehouse from your preferred carriers, such as FedEx or Ups
  3. Once received all necessary movements are processed and made at our warehouse
  4. After this procedure, goods are ready to be crossed across the border
  5. Finally, goods arrive at your facility on time

For successful implementation, we value flexibility and use cross-docking diagrams for measurable results and continuous improvements to tailor the process to your needs and demand. Working alongside our logistics experts, our customs classifier and high-level specialists are dedicated to accomplishing quick and accurate tasks and always create strategies to perfect each step. Our multi-disciplined reps are ready to meet you!

G-global is passionate about providing the orientation for all your supply chain’s links and creating a personalized cost-benefit partnership for a win-win scenario is our priority. We listen and execute a plan of action to take care of your customers ’ changing expectations and needs.  This includes methods like Just in Time, Total Quality Management, Kaizen, Lean logistics, and more. Success is possible by customizing the best strategy to accomplish your goals with outstanding operational results.

Sustainability is our social responsibility and we take pride in applying Kaizen constantly to eliminate waste and unnecessary activities. Let your voice be heard in G-global. We create your personalized channel of communication focused on achieving daily tasks and goals. Experience logistics the G-global way! Welcome to your second home!

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